Saturday, February 28, 2009

baby on the way...

oh my goodness at today! the wind was CRAZY! i officially know i will never live in chicago! and what a trooper, HUGE pregnant (like due any time) and in 30 mph winds and look how beautiful!

she and her sister have to be two of the most beautiful people ev-er! and so much fun to go with it!

dad and big brother to be, charlie didn't last in that wind too long... but what handsome men...

i love them all, but this last picture has to be my all time favorite! LOVE IT!!!
such a fun family, guys i know today was WILD, i look so forward to picking up where we left off, so many more great ideas, but i am very happy to see even with the weather, we did get some great shots! hope you enjoy them!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Saturday, February 7, 2009

before the great tan...

today i had a great couple! they are celebrating their engagement and are off to get married in hawaii! oh how i dream!!! (not to get married again... to go to hawaii)! sheesh guys! anyway, aren't they amazing? look at the eyes...

i am having a hard time picking which to put on here, i love all of them!

this precious little one came along for the adventure, and i could not resist those eyes! just like her beautiful mamma!
...oh, april, let gaylon know that he muscled through 603 pictures!! way to go!! he was so funny, he would only do what he was specifically told, you had to tell him where to look, smile, not smile... but by the end of the session he was rocking it! he was looking at total make believe stuff, and even the sky... can't wait to post the out takes too! i rolled when i saw all of them!! well, off to stretch, i plan on being able to fold up and fit into their suit case by the time the plane lifts off!!!